7—9 August 2015

From 7 to 9 August 2015, we organised the ‘GÅ’ (‘Walk’) festival. It was a huge success with nearly 300 participants, and highlights such as musician Stein Torleif Bjella and author Tomas Espedal.

It was with feelings of wonder and joy we looked at the tents scattered around our field and saw all the happy wanderers, both young and old, enjoying themselves while the smell of culinary delights filled the air. 

‘GÅ’ is a walking festival for families and adults who are not looking for extreme sports, but extreme happiness, when they walk.

We want them to come here and walk because we believe that walking makes you wiser. And if there’s one thing the world really needs – it’s wisdom.

We organise a number of walks at different levels of difficulty and with different themes. Of course, you can also go off on your own. You will have opportunities to nourish both the mind and the body – since we have the best goat cheese, goat sausage, venison and mutton meatballs in the world!


Bringing nature and people together

The festival is intended to bring people and nature together in the World Heritage Area in Aurland. There were once 19 shoe factories here in Aurland, because the drovers up in the Aurlandsdalen valley needed good shoes – so here people have walked, and are still walking. Aurland shoes are still manufactured here, and the mountains are still standing.

Eighty per cent of the municipality is 900 metres above sea level, and you can’t go far without seeing fjords, mountains, waterfalls – or goats. And then there is of course our very own ‘Grand Canyon’ – the Aurlandsdalen valley – suspension bridges and ‘Vetlahelvete’ (the ‘little hell’ cave).

Great thinkers and writers have always walked, something that the book ‘Tramp. Or the art of living a wild and poetic life‘ by Brage Prize winner Tomas Espedal illustrates well.

The walker knows freedom. He can choose which way to go. Walking is also good for the mind and the body. Preferably, we should get out of the city, out into the wild, to the countryside, and into nature: it liberates the mind and gives you a good appetite.’

(Tomas Espedal ‘Tramp. Or the art of living a wild and poetic life’ p. 32)

Or in the words of D.H. Lawrence: ‘The great home of the Soul is the open road’.

We know that you could walk on your own, but now that we’ve gathered a group of good people who all want to walk, why not join us? You don’t have to walk fast, you don’t have to think about competing or catching the tram – you can just walk.

Start today: walk until you are warm and happy, and join us at the GÅ festival.