The Legendary Aurland River

The Aurlandselva river was once ranked as one of Europe’s three best sea trout rivers with traditions dating back hundreds of years. The British upper class came with their fly rods in the late 19th century where they discovered our rivers and made angling a sport – or should we call it an art? Every year anglers from all around the world visit Aurland to take part in some of the best fly fishing the world has to offer.

Every year we donate one week of fishing time to the Wild Salmon Auction’ in order to preserve and grow the wild fish population. Fishing is based on the catch and release principle.

July 10th to September 1st

On request

We offer bespoke fly fishing courses with one of Norway’s best fly fishers for groups.


Fishing is limited to one trout per day.
Salmon is catch and release only.



Grandfather Erik Tokvam honoring the river by fishing in suit and hat


Uncle Ola – from the "Glory Days"


Grandfather Erik Tokvam honored his river by fishing in suit and hat. His work clothes were for the fields. He knew just when the trout would bite, and at six in the morning he would tie a string around the toe of those who would like to join him as not to wake the others. And of course he always came back with a good catch.

We would love to have the same patience that grandfather Erik and uncle Ola had when it came to moving rocks and luring the big catch. Fortunately, we have our regular enthusiasts that come every year to lure the trout for us – with the same impeccable style, passion and art. Because that’s what fly fishing is all about, isn’t it?


Helping to save our heritage

Every year we donate the first week of the fishing season to the “Wild Salmon auction”. Norway, the world’s largest single home of Atlantic salmon, has already wiped out the salmon in sixty waterways. Wild salmon is seriously threatened as a result of escapes and lice infections from fish farms, and regulation of watercourses. By giving away fishing and stay for the auction, we can contribute to save the wild salmon in Norwegian rivers. We want our children to be able to enjoy the same biodiversity that we grew up with.

The North Atlantic Wild Salmon Fund is behind Reddvillaksen.no and “The Wild Salmon auction”. They are a nonprofit organization that collaborates with the North Atlantic Salmon Fund (NASF) headed by wild salmon campaigner Orri Vigfusson. Through input and pressure on politicians, media, professional bodies and aquaculture, they are a visible and active participant in the wild salmon service. Salute! We encourage other landowners to donate a small part of the season for a good cause.