The Green Heart

We are passionate about nature and our future. Our vision is that Fjord Norway will be the ‘green heart’ of the world – so we are starting with our own heartbeat.

Travel and tourism is the world’s third biggest industry, and Fjord Norway is one of the most popular destinations in Norway. This means that we have a big responsibility as a travel and tourism enterprise – and so do you as a guest.

Sustainable tourism looks after the natural environment and the local community. That is why National Geographic has twice named Fjord Norway the world’s ‘best preserved destination’, but, to be honest, we think we could do a lot more.

Why hire a RIB boat for a trip on the fjord when you can row or paddle? In brief: We want our carbon footprint to be as small as possible, and we therefore offer what are known as ‘soft adventure’ activities.


We endeavour to serve locally produced, organic food

— We take our guests on walks in the mountains and in the local community, so that they can learn about the history of the people who live here, and of those who lived here before us.

— We teach fly-fishing in the river.

— We light a fire and cook and eat our lunch outdoors.

— We serve local and organic food

— We visit old summer pasture farms and mountain farms to give our guests a taste of Aurland.

— We visit craft makers and storytellers who know the culture and our history.

— We have an electric car

— We find old farm roads that enable our guests to explore and enjoy Aurland to the full – on foot.

— We offer our guests free bike hire.

— We have our own kitchen garden, orchard and compost.

— We recycle our waste.

— We like reusing things, which you can see in our textiles, architecture and furniture.

— We avoid plastic

In January 2020, we will start the work of becoming a certified ecotourism enterprise through HANEN, the national industry organization for rural tourism, and the Norwegian Ecotourism association.


We are a certified ECO-Lighthouse business. Our report is available on request.